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Smiling in Hardships,

A story about Happiness

"It is a masterpiece. Thanks for letting me walk through the process with you. You changed the way I see failures and challenges."
MESODE, Founder & CEO MESO DEsigns

“Through an entrepreneurial venture, And embarks on a perilous journey to help people choose happiness. He faces challenging vicissitudes when his own happiness is put to the test. He must now apply the same principles and beliefs he preaches to others unto himself.


Can he practise what he preaches? Or will he give up in the face of extreme hardships, trials, and tribulations? 

Smiling in Hardships, Lessons from our first failure is a story of entrepreneurship, startup, disappointments, frustrations, distractions, pitfalls, friendships, racism, migration, patience, perseverance, family, fundraising, success, failures, business model, challenges, faith, forgiveness, freedom, inspiration, motivation, self-help and above all a great lesson of humility. 

As you read along, at times, you will identify with the author and his quest for happiness, at another instance, you find yourself crying and later on laughing as the author maintains constant humour as he narrates the difficult choices he has to make”.

Born in the small village of Owe Muyuka in Cameroon, Efuet And. Atem is an Engineer, CEO and Founder of World like Home.

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