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Smiling in Hardships,

A story about Happiness

"This book is a store of energy, to realise this you have to open it and open up yourself.
Jacques Nkoa, entrepreneur, author, & consultant

“Through an entrepreneurial venture, And embarks on a perilous journey to help people choose happiness. He faces challenging vicissitudes when his own happiness is put to the test. Will he give up in the face of extreme hardships, trials, and tribulations?" 

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"A guide to the entrepreneur, a guide to students, a guide to life.  Sensational this masterpiece.

Richard Sufo, Assistant Lecturer, Le Mans University


A story of friendship

"This is my story too. I like it because a lot of people talk about their success, but very often, we do not know the failure that preceded. As Efuet said in the book, being an entrepreneur, you have challenges such as fundraising, criticisms, pressures and so on. The story in this book is a real story, and it can't teach you success, but it can help many young entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls, speed up their project. WlH's adventure has given me the courage to face difficulties in life and in my career
Zhao Xing, Co-Founder of World like Home


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"I loved how vulnerable the writer gets and how he is willing to share some untold truths with the readers; but what marks me the most is the fact that he reminds us that there is light at the end of the tunnel."
Mih Njua Odette, Engineer, ENEO Cameroon

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The misunderstood,  the story of the entrepreneur!

Image by Kasturi Laxmi Mohit

Starting from nothing and building an empire

Entrepreneurial risk-taking

"The author has a special, complex style of writing, a clever blend of romanesque and comic, so much so that one is always amazed at every sentence by the turn of events as told by the author with well-found formulas and metaphors. One discovers a man who possesses values that are rare in these times, above all someone who is determined and tenacious, yet full of compassion for others. In reading this book, one cannot help but feel that entrepreneurial risk-taking is not always a pleasure, but can also turn into a path of Golgotha. Recommended reading".

Nguedia Adrien Hermann, artist

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"I have listened and read many startuppers tell stories concerning their days of little beginnings. However, Atem's story stands tall and feels like an executive summary every aspiring entrepreneur, CEO, leader, manager, storyteller or those who want to keep a positive attitude must have as a guide on the table going forward."
Theodore Muluh, Sales Manager Africa at Clarke Energy 

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"In addition to being enriching to the entrepreneur, this essay seems to play a key role in our society" Sienne Thery, Social Assistant

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